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Our gambling platform is a powerful collection of Business Critical Micro-Services and Provably Fair Games designed to operate in high availability gaming operations.

Player Management

Single view detailed player player management

Game Management

Real-time, game management with statistics in your controlpanel

Ticket Management

Unified ticket process management

Payment Management

Full payment ledger management

Transaction Management

Full overview with detailed transaction management

Report API

Comprehensive reporting across all micro-services


100% built on Open Source Technologies

We believe in open and transparent systems, without expensive license modules, limitation to achieve superior performance or support our clients with the features that fits them.

Cloud / Saas

Forget complex installations or system setups. CAZINO lives in the cloud and is managed by us for you, while you have full power over your platform through your control panel.

High Security

With multiple security layers, CAZINO operates with high security within networks, applications and enrypted databases.

Business Critical Stack

Our payment API autorises financial transactions and automatically forwards all deposits straight to your crypto end address.

Barebone Servers

CAZINO is running on dedicated hardware optimised with own kernel and configuration to ensure fastest processing.

High Availability

CAZINO is fully redundant with multiple nodes, clusters and servers to ensure High Availability.


Powerful APIs allows for simple complex integrations to 3rd party applications.

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